LUCA School of Arts

LUCA School of Arts is de enige kunsthogeschool in Vlaanderen en een referentie in het hoger kunstonderwijs. Want LUCA bundelt de kracht en expertise van vijf gerenommeerde instellingen op evenveel campussen verspreid over Brussel (Sint-Lukas Brussel en Narafi), Genk (C-mine), Gent (Sint-Lucas Gent) en Leuven (Lemmens). Met een ruime waaier aan professionele en academische opleidingen, met meer dan vijftig studietrajecten in Audiovisuele Kunsten en Technieken, Beeldende Kunsten en Vormgeving, Interieurvormgeving, Bouwkunde, Productdesign, Muziek en Drama is ze een unicum in Vlaanderen.

LUCA School of Arts
Social Spaces has a specific approach to art and design research. The aim of the group is to explore the social character of design, art and new media in our current society. At the same time, the group aims for highly qualitative art and design research into the potential of old and new materials in creating different social interactions. This is made possible by its multidisciplinary team of designers, artists, computer engineers, social and cultural scientists, etc. Engaging participants in the design process is key in the Social Spaces’ research projects. More specific, the group examines topics such as interactions in public and semi-public spaces (like public squares, railway stations or care environments) as well as social and sustainability issues. To research and shape these topics, a variety of participatory artistic and design methods are developed or redesigned. These explorations of research and design methods are put into practice leading to a variety of physical or digital artefacts, interfaces or the set-up or modification of services or infrastructures. For Social Spaces, the research does not end at the creation of an artefact, but rather the process and implications are reflected upon and disseminated. Additionally, as Social Spaces operates out of an art and design school; the knowledge, methodology, and ways of working are shared with students in the context of design education.
  • Design en modelling
  • Creativiteit
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